We Are Back!

June 18, 2019

Hello from all of us at Photography by Jodi Lynn! Can you believe it’s already June. we are excited that summer is here to stay, and we are putting on our swimsuits and pulling out our floaties to enjoy some lazy days at the pool.

Jodi Lynn is Back!

Jodi Lynn has officially been back from maternity leave for a little over a month and has been enjoying getting back into the studio, as well as embracing being a mother of two. As with any new stage of life, she has been discovering how to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. She is extremely excited that she gets to work from home — something that she has been working towards since she started her business 10 years ago!

Exciting News For the Studio   

Along with Jodi Lynn’s return, we are excited to announce other exciting changes around the studio that will help us better serve our clients in the Phoenix area and beyond.

New Website, New Look — Who Dis?

Our website is getting a makeover soon and we couldn’t be more excited to embrace a new design and make booking appointments with us even easier. Expect to start seeing changes soon — hope you like our new look!

New Sets For Even More Possibilities

We are also excited to announce that we will have new studio sets! The sets are not just that backdrops for your photographs; they allow us to set the tone that you are looking for, allowing us to better capture you and create the pictures that you are looking for. Stay tuned to learn more about our new sets and how Photography By Jodi Lynn can offer you more than ever before.

New Location and New Hours

Along with all the other new things going on, we also want to announce our studio’s new address:

2833 E. Appaloosa Rd.

Gilbert AZ 85296

We have new hours as well:

Tuesday —  9:00-2:00

Wednesday — 9:00-2:00

Friday — 9:00-2:00

Saturday —  9:00-2:00

We Love You!

We just want to say again how much we appreciate your understanding during this time of transition and Jodi Lynn’s time away from the studio. We realize that it presented some inconveniences, and we appreciate all of your support. Our clients are why we do what we do and we are excited to offer you more in the upcoming months and to continue to capture those special moments of your life.
To learn more about our studio and to book with our photographer, visit our website!

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Welcome to Le Boudoir Studio’s blog! We are excited to announce that Jodi Lynn is expecting her baby soon — March 8th, to be exact! She and her husband are busy getting ready to welcome their baby girl, and their daughter is bouncing with excitement to have a little sister.

During the last several months, Jodi Lynn has been busy with all the preparations that must be done along the way when you’re expecting. She has been reacquainted with all of the world-changing effects of bringing a new life into the world. From preparing the baby room to satisfying her cravings — apple fritters and anything pickled — there is a lot to take in and do before she and her family get to meet their little one.

Additionally, she and her husband have decided to use the expertise of a midwife for a VBAC delivery — vaginal birth after cesarean. Jodi Lynn is excited to experience giving birth to her daughter naturally, and to have the expertise of a midwife by her side during the birthing process: a midwife’s professional expertise can be a true asset before, during, and after the birth.

With a March 8th due date quickly approaching, the energy around our Scottsdale studio is one full of excitement and support for Jodi Lynn and her family in welcoming the newest member to their family. With this in mind, there is some business around the studio to be aware of:


With the arrival of Jodi Lynn’s baby girl, there are some things you should know about business around our photography and boudoir studio in Scottsdale.

No bookings will be available till late April 2019

We understand this is an inconvenience and that a lot sessions have had to be canceled as a result — we apologize for that and hate that we can’t provide you the unique photography experience of our Le Boudoir Studio.

However, we do want to offer you options to get beautiful photography while Jodi Lynn is away having her baby.


Denise Nicole is a highly sought-after photographer in the Phoenix area offering a variety of photography styles:

  • Wedding
  • Boudoir
  • Maternity
  • Family
  • Outdoor

Denise offers a photography experience that truly captures the scene and spirit of her subjects, and her passion for truly capturing the moment is evident in all of her photography. Learn more about Denise Nicole Fine Art Photography.


For those looking for beautiful newborn, maternity, and newborn photography, we suggest the work of Shannon Burke — another highly sought after photographer in the Phoenix area. She specializes in providing beautiful stills of your little one’s first days. She provides multiple package options that allow you to get beautiful, artful and meaningful photos of your little one. She also offers:

  • Maternity
  • Birth
  • Newborn
  • Children
  • Family
  • Cake Smash
  • Bundles

Shannon has over 3 years of experience and her passion for capturing her subjects as well as providing a patient, personalized, professional experience is seen in everything that she does. Learn more about Shannon Burke Photography.

We are all very excited to welcome our newest member to the Le Boudoir Studio family and wish Jodi Lynn and her husband all the best. Once again we are very sorry about any inconvenience that this has caused.

We will resume taking bookings in late April 2019. Please contact us with any of your questions! We would love to help you get the beautiful photos and photography experience that you are looking for.

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You’ve made and checked all of the lists, twice, unpacked the family’s cozy winter clothes, and finally, it is the most wonderful time of the year! Well, nearly. The holidays are fast approaching and as the grocery stores fill up and the weather starts to drop, there just one thing left on your list: Family Holiday Photos! A family session focusing around the holidays can make an excellent gift for friends and family, or even just a touching update to your frames on your desk at work! It can seem nearly impossible to find time in your busy schedule to coordinate everyone else’s, get the whole gang dressed and matched and then drag the kids out for pictures. Try something new this year and book an outdoor session for your family at our festive Tree Lot location.


Ditch the classic stuffy holiday photos and opt for a more natural and candid experience that will capture your loved ones in their most authentic form. Here at Photography by Jodi Lynn, our favorite part of the Christmas tree lot locations is all of the natural elements that come together during this shoot. The soft, golden light will paint your family into a beautifully timeless portrait, and the close-knit proximity of the beautiful pines creates an effortlessly intimate world in which you and your family can enjoy each others company. Oh yeah, and we’re there too! Enjoy the deep, mesmerizing green of the trees and their festive, intoxicating aroma all while making lasting memories that you can immortalize in a canvas print or custom album. These cheerful pictures make great gifts during the holiday for friends and family, and are a fantastic way to enter the holiday season this year!


Don’t spend this most special time in the year pulling out your hair over family photos. The holidays are a time for you to get in some good quality time with your family. Let go of the stress of planning the perfect photoshoot for your family and book with Photography by Jodi Lynn. We are always happy to help your family capture all of the amazing moments and smiles that makes your family what it is.

We have many beautiful outdoor locations available here at Photography by Jodi Lynn, in a large variety of climates and backgrounds. Take a peek at our blog and gallery to see some examples of family shoots we have been privileged to capture to help you to decide where you want to shoot your family portraits next next!

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In a world where kids and teens are held hostage by their various screens and devices, it can be difficult to fit in that quality family time that you used to get when they were younger. Getting each of the kids dressed, fed and smiling can see like an impossible and daunting task. Relieve some of the pressure of getting that perfect wall-hanging-worthy family portrait by booking with us here at Photography by Jodi Lynn. We are experts at getting all of your little ducks in a row and smiling wide for a beautiful photoshoot. Whether part of an indoor or outdoor session, we want your kids to look and feel their best, and that comfortability is crucial in coaxing out genuine smiles and sweet giggles. The kiddos in this family photoshoot had a hard time keeping a straight face once we got them all posed, but their candid smiles were some of the best images from this session.


With Photography by Jodi Lynn, you aren’t locked into either an indoor or outdoor session. Life is short, have your cake and eat it too! You can book a Simple Darling photo session, and for just $200 more, you and your family can enjoy a combined indoor and outdoor session lasting up to 1.5 hours! That’s a lot of camera time! This family sat for some beautiful natural light sets before loading the gang into the car and heading over to our lush, green, Scottsdale Wash location to get some family, group and individual pictures. This beautiful family created a memorable day for themselves through a colorful, personal stylized photoshoot in this fun and colorful location and so can you!


Once upon a time it was common practice to tote the kids out in the exact same outfit for a family shoot, but here at Photography by Jodi Lynn, we find that donning clothes in the same color family, or complimenting opposites is the best way to go. This family played with light bright colors like blue and white complimented by a fall-friendly crimson and sweet pink. There are so many different options and combinations when choosing clothes for your session.


We have many beautiful outdoor locations available here at Photography by Jodi Lynn. Take a peek at our blog and gallery to see some examples to help decide where you want to shoot next!

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Here comes the sun, indeed! We had the absolute pleasure of photographing an actual bit of sunshine with baby A and the experience was beautiful! One of our favorite things to do here at Photography by Jodi Lynn is celebrate families and capture the little things that make it all worth it. This couple brought in their sweet baby girl for their newborn session and she effortlessly stole the show. It was immediately clear that this baby girl is the apple of her parents’ eye, and for good reason. Her soft little signs and pink cheeks warmed our hearts. She was a joy to shoot, and watching the interaction between mom and dad was touching. It is so important to capture all of these little moments, because before they know it, she will be up zooming around when they come back for their one-year cake smash in our Scottsdale photography studioit will be hard to get her to settle down!


We recommend bringing in your beautiful baby between 3 and 10 days, so schedule quickly! We suggest arranging a shoot 1 to 2 months in advance, and we will even add a backup date to the calendar if your baby arrives fashionably late or unexpectedly early. For these sessions we encourage you to choose outfits and accessories that match your nursery, or personalities. Natural settings, patterns and light are essential in creating an image and experience that will withstand the test of time and be just as darling in twenty years as the day it was taken. This sweet girl wore a onesie from Sew Trendy and was posed in a custom bowl from Mr. and Mrs. And Co. If bringing your own props and outfits is too overwhelming, don’t worry! We love picking onesies and props, we always have a ton of fun!



We cannot wait to be a part of your family history through timeless and precious photographs of your new bundle of joy. Our heated studio is designed with your baby in mind to keep them comfy and cozy so that you can enjoy every minute of this endearing, milestone shoot. After baby has been photographed and cataloged in minute, precious detail, we will take your family to the larger studio and take some snapshots that will capture how you feel in the moment with your brand-new bundle of joy. You will never regret having encapsulated a moment in time with your special little one. Book your newborn session today and let us create a memory that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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