Another Meaningful Way to Celebrate Dad

July 10, 2019

With Father’s Day in the recent past, it’s easy to reflect on the difficulty of finding a gift for Dad. Whether you can’t afford to buy what dad really wants or he is the man that has everything, holidays such as Father’s Day, birthdays, and other special occasions can become stressful when it comes time to find Dad the perfect gift. Today, we at Photography by Jodi Lynn are here to help! 

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3 Ways to Give Dad Gifts He Will Love

Even though Dad can extremely hard to buy for, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find something that he will love. Sometimes, it’s all about thinking about gift-giving in a different way. 


Instead of thinking about material things that Dad might want, it’s time to consider what would be the most meaningful gift. Though Dad will always appreciate gold plated cufflinks and other traditional gifts, a painting completed by you, a calendar with pictures of the grandkids, and other personalized gifts are priceless and are sure to bring a genuine smile to his face. 

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Celebrate a Favorite Memory

Do you and your Dad have a favorite memory that you love to reminisce about or a story that you love to tell? Consider how you can immortalize that memory. Framing a picture from the special moment, putting a special item on a plaque, or finding a special piece of memorabilia to commemorate that special memory can be the perfect way to make Dad feel celebrated on his special day. 

Something They Can’t Buy

Even for Dads that seem to have it all, there is nearly always something that they can’t buy or don’t know they want. For example, does your dad love a specific type of beer but can’t buy it in his town? Order or pick some up for him. Is your father a little challenged when it comes to choosing his own clothes or simply hates shopping? Buy him clothes that he needs. 

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An Experience

Another way to celebrate Dad is to give him the gift of an experience. Take him to a special museum exhibit, enjoy a brewery tour, attend a concert, or go on a multi-day backpacking trip together. Not only will you get to spend time with your dad but you are giving him memories that he will cherish long after the event is over. Be sure to take pictures!

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A Meaningful Gift & An Experience: A Family Photo Shoot

This Father’s Day Jodi Lynn gave her husband Kevin the gift of a family photo shoot. Not only did he get to spend precious time with his family, but he was given pictures that he is sure to cherish forever. 

Photography by Jodi Lynn would like to offer you the same opportunity to create special memories with your family. It doesn’t just have to be with dad — include mom and the whole family in your photographs! Our photography packages make great Father’s Day gifts, but are perfect for any time when you want to celebrate Dad. 

To learn more about the packages available, our family photographer, and how we can customize your shoot and make it special for your dad, visit our website!

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