Often when we think of headshots, many people think of stiff, static pictures of subjects with out-of-date hairstyles and impersonal professional clothing, but headshots can be so much more. Today on the Photography By Jodi Lynn blog, we are going to show you just how fun taking lifestyle headshots with a portrait photographer can be and how they can actually show your best self and personality. It’s time to say goodbye to boring glamour shots!   

Who Should Get Headshots?

Anyone can get headshots! This style of photography is all about capturing you: your personality and style. However, we encourage real estate professionals, boutique owners, bloggers, and other professionals in Phoenix to invest in quality lifestyle headshots. Why? Not only will they demonstrate your professionalism, but they will show the personality you have to offer them if they work with you.     

3 Tips For Taking Photos You’ll Love

It’s easy to feel intimidated or self-conscious when thinking about taking pictures, but when you work with us, we create a comfortable environment that will help you shine. Headshots are all about capturing you. Below are some tips for feeling comfortable in your own skin and your very best — your most beautiful self.

Choose Your Power Outfit

In business, a blue suit has traditionally been called “the power suit.” In the same way, each of us have colors, clothing styles, and materials that make us feel the most like ourselves. Like in the photos here, our client chose two of her favorite outfits that make her feel beautiful. When choosing the ensemble for your pictures, remember it’s not about having the latest styles, it’s about showing your individuality. Also, don’t forget about your favorite accessories!

Get Creative With Poses

One of the things we love about what we do is capturing our client’s personality through multiple poses and angles. Gone are the days of static poses. When doing a photo shoot, we encourage our clients to sit, stand, lay down, twirl, and do what feels natural to them. We will help you find a pose that looks good and feels natural. If looking at the camera doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t worry! There are a lot of great ways to capture you, without looking at the lens.   

Choose Your Favorite Props

In her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo says that being surrounded by our favorite things will make us feel happy. In the same way, incorporating our favorite things into headshots can be a great way to bring out our personality. What items do you love and which of them show off your passions? Do you have a favorite mug or notebook like our client? Are you the happiest when in a room full of books? When choosing your props, get creative!

Jodi Lynn and Traci of Photography By Jodi Lynn are passionate about capturing our client’s inner and outer beauty through lifestyle headshots that you will not only love for years to come, but will help drive the success of your business in Phoenix. To learn more about us, available packages, and to book your session, visit our website.

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A great headshot can immensely help improve and develop the professional image of any business. Before a client reaches out to a company they research their website and social media network to get an idea of who the company is. From small businesses to larger companies, it’s important to have your internet presence be a current reflection of you. With professional business headshots from Photography by Jodi Lynn and Co, you can show the world why they should work with you in just a few clicks of our camera.

Increase Your Business with Professional Headshots

Jodi Lynn and Traci have created the perfect studio environment to help you capture exceptional headshots for your business or social media sites. Our professional, glamour headshots are not only beneficial for your business, but are a positive reflection of yourself as a business owner. At our Scottsdale, Arizona studio we have worked with numerous businesses and have seen first hand how our headshot photography has improved their client outreach.

Put Your Business at the Top with Photography by Jodi Lynn

Social media is an amazing marketing tool which allows us to reach millions of people and learn more about them. An excellent professional headshot can make you stand out from the social media crowd. If you want to improve your social network pages, bring in more clientele, or just update your business headshots then book here or call us at 480-495-5455 to schedule!

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This week’s headshot session is extra special to us because it features one of our Le Boudoir Studio and Photography by Jodi Lynn & Company hair and makeup artist! In addition to being a valued member of our studio’s hair and makeup team, Carmen is a professionally licensed hair and makeup artist specializing in women’s services around the Valley. Carmen’s passion and love for makeup began at an early age while watching and learning from other professionals. She has attended various makeup classes including Smashbox and MAC Cosmetics training, and hasn’t been able to put a brush down ever since!

Professional Glamour Head Shots in Scottsdale

At Photography by Jodi Lynn & Company, we feel like the modern business portrait has evolved and really become a statement of who you are as a brand. With LinkedIn and other social media platforms being a key player in networking and business we are so excited about helping you create a representation of you and your personal brand that goes beyond the traditional business headshot. In our beautiful, natural light, Scottsdale studio our team of female photographers spend time perfecting poses that work well on all women, and provide a safe space where our professional ladies feel encouraged and confident!

Book Your Head Shot Session Today!

 If Carmen’s session has inspired you to update your business headshots, then book here, or give us a call at 480-495-5455 to schedule your session date and time!

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As local Arizona business are female owners strongly believe in empowering of other women leaders and influencers. That is why Photography by Jodi Lynn & Co has specialized in women’s headshot portraits since late 2014. Providing women in all industries with a studio that celebrates their accomplishments and highlights their true personalities has been an incredible experience that we can’t wait to continue for years to come. Whether you are a blogger, lawyer, or educator we want to work with you to create personalized headshots that you can use for LinkedIn, your business website, or even Facebook.

Local Female Business Owner Headshots

This week on or blog we are delighted to feature a local Arizona business owner and educator. Beth Brantley, is the founder and owner of Bright Ideas Learning Center. She opened the doors to the first location in early 2000 and has since opened 2 more locations around the valley. Her goal when opening Bright Ideas was to create a space that was an extension of family and community that helps build a foundation for children. As a mother of 12 watching children excel has always been passion of Beth’s and now that some of her kids are older you can find them working and walking the halls at Bright Ideas as they spend their days helping children grow, learn, love and laugh!

Get Headshots for Your Business

We love meeting new business professionals from around the valley. If you are looking to update your LinkedIn profile or gain more business through your website, contact us or call us at 480 495 5455 to discuss our packages. We have plenty options to fit your business needs.

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In today’s world it is important that your headshot portrait reflect you professionally and personally. At Photography by Jodi Lynn, we specialize in professional portraits that work for the corporate world and the social world! When you come to see us at the studio you will leave with a traditional headshot, as well as creative lifestyle portrait.

Why Women Need Professional Headshots

At Photography by Jodi Lynn & Co. we believe it is so important for women to have a professional portrait that reflects their accomplishments in the business world. In a male dominated industry such as law, or medical, having a creative business portrait will help you stand out in your industry. For this client, showing he fun personality was the main goal of her session. Her various outfits allowed for her to express her personality outside of her career while remaining professional.

Headshot Portrait Studio in Arizona

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona we offer full-service headshot portrait sessions with hair and makeup, outfit styling and consulting, and professional photo editing. Starting at $75 our sessions cater to all business professionals. We offer men’s headshots as well as women’s headshots. With various backdrops available we are able to cater to every and any industry. Call us today at 480 495 5455 or contact us here to book your creative business portrait session.

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