At Photography by Jodi Lynn, we specialize in Maternity, newborn and all the milestones that your baby’s first year entails. We met this gorgeous momma when she was beaming with joy with her first-born baby boy. They chose an indoor setting to emphasize the silhouettes of the baby bump and showcase the beauty and glow that she was feeling after doing her makeup here at our studio. We cover all the bases for your maternity session and want you to feel your best when you come in, we have several different style dresses from the top trendy boutiques which just add to your overall maternity photography experience.


We loved being able to capture the bond this momma to be and her husband share. You can really see the love they have for each-other and just how excited they are to hold their precious baby boy!


Once baby M was here we took no time to get him into our studio. We recommend doing your newborn session between 3-10 days of them being born and making sure you schedule the newborn session at your maternity session or before. We warm up the room nice and toasty to keep your baby nice throughout their session. This sweet boy was such a dream to photograph.


We saw baby M again at his 3-month session where he really started to shine, we adore his fancy Carter’s outfit and adore his chubby cheeks that we could barely hold back from squeezing.


Our Bump to One sessions are perfect for anyone preparing for their babies first year, with this package you receive not only a Maternity and Newborn session, but you also receive 3 mini sessions to get all those milestones during their first year as well. If you decide maternity portraits are not for you, not to worry, we can add a special holiday or another type of session with your little one instead. We absolutely love the mommy and me sessions too! The Bump to One is the only package that includes a 8×8 Custom album as well, so you can include all of your babies photos throughout the whole first year.


We would LOVE to work with you during your baby’s growth, we have packages that can work for everyone. Call us at 480-495-5455 or click here to book now!

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Working with a family multiple times leads to some of our favorite photo shoots. We try to make lasting connections with all our clients so by the time we’ve photographed them three or four times we really have quite the bond. After working with this family for two special photo shoots for their first daughter and one holiday family session we were thrilled we to hear they were expecting another little girl.

Photography by Jodi Lynn & Co. Newborn Portraits

Baby A was such a peaceful and sleepy baby during her newborn photography session that you could say she looked angelic. When clients come to Photography by Jodi Lynn for their newborn session, we have everything set out and planned according to their color scheme. Baby A’s mom requested more natural colors like cream, and oatmeal. And it created a timeless theme for the session. We love all the looks that we did and even used some of our favorite newborn photo sets and poses. To see more beautiful newborn girl portraits, check out this natural light newborn family session.

Premier Arizona Baby Photographers

We suggest booking your newborn session 1-2 months in advance, so if you are expecting there is no “too soon” time to book a newborn session for your precious baby! Call Photography by Jodi Lynn & Co today at 480 495 5455 to book now.

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Becoming a mother is a beautiful journey, you carry another life for 9 months, feeling their kicks and hiccups. Once you hold your baby for the first time, it is indescribable.  You are just infatuated with everything your sweet baby does and want them to stay little forever. That is why doing a newborn photo session is so important in the first couple weeks of their lives.

As mothers, we are always the one taking the pictures of our family memories. That is why Photography by Jodi Lynn is such a wonderful choice to capture such timeless photographs of a mother and her newborn. As photographers and mothers, Traci and Jodi make moments that Momma’s all over Arizona, will want to savor forever, giving you newborn photos that have such a remarkable meaning.


This newborn lifestyle session was so beautiful. You can really see the bond between momma and her baby girl, the natural setting, window light and soft succulent headbands give a natural yet romantic feel. Baby “slept so gracefully throughout the newborn session. From the sage green wrap to momma’s dress from Anthropologie, we loved every minute we spent with these two lovely ladies.


We love being able to capture the precious moments that mommies will want to savor for a lifetime. Schedule your lifestyle newborn session at our natural indoor light studio at 480-495-5455 or click here to book now!

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At Photography By Jodi Lynn and Co, lifestyle shoots are something we love to take part in. Lifestyle photography captures the sweet moments that are here today and gone tomorrow. During each session we have with a family, we are able to take the real, rare and special pictures that families will be able to hold onto forever.

This indoor family session was a pure reminder how beautiful it is to start a family with someone you love.


When a baby is born, a new version of yourself is born. Becoming parents is nothing short of a new and beautiful journey. Once you become a parent life isn’t just about you, it is about the life you just created and that’s what makes it so special. Parenthood is the most rewarding experience for a couple to grow through together.

The interaction we witnessed between this new family was simply beautiful. As parents, we know the euphoric feeling of becoming a mother and a family, which made this shoot melt our hearts. The way they giggled, smiled, held, and touched one another showed true love between a couple growing into parents. We were able to capture the already strong bond between daddy and his baby girl.

As lifestyle photographers we pose our clients and their genuine emotion still shine through to the photos. This family is a perfect example for how timeless our photo sessions are. Not only do we capture a family; we capture the essence of love, personality and connection.




If you are looking to savor the precious moments in your family, a lifestyle session is the best! Call us at 480-495-5455 or click here to book now!

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As newborn photographers since 2010 we continually learn through workshops, conferences and video tutorials to perfect our craft. This newborn baby boy was a dream to photograph! Thanks to our heated indoor newborn studio, he settled into each pose that we put him in and didn’t mind us moving him around the entire time! Mom and dad were thrilled with the detail shots we captured and couldn’t get over how well he slept through his session.

How to Prepare for Your Newborn Photo Shoot

We know that everything in the first few days with a new baby is information overload so here are a few tips to remember when preparing for your in-studio newborn session.

  1. Scheduling- Newborn baby photo sessions are best done within the first 3 to 10 days. During this time your little one is still very sleepy and completely comfortable with curling up in tight positions. If you missed your window– give us a call! We still have very successful lifestyle sessions until the baby is up to 28 days old.
  2. Make sure your baby has a full tummy- Do your best to schedule your baby’s feeding right before you arrive to the studio OR as soon as you arrive, and we are setting up. Feeding a newborn baby is the perfect way to fill their little tummy and help them fall fast asleep. Trust us, you want the best chance for your baby to nap right through their session so that we can capture all those adorable sleepy poses.
  3.  Baby Formula- If you’re using formula, please don’t try a new formula the day before or the day of your session. Babies have sensitive digestive systems and changes can cause irritability.
  4. Family Portraits- Our focus at Photography by Jodi Lynn & Co is capturing once in a lifetime artistic poses of your baby. However, we are happy to capture a couple of sibling and/or parent and family photos at no additional cost. If you intend to include your family in a few photos with the baby, pick out clothing that matches and flows together. Avoid crazy patterns and stick to solid colors so that the photos focus on your family and not your clothing. Consider selecting colors that will coordinate with the overall color scheme of your home, so the images will make beautiful displays for your walls. Have all your clothing ironed and ready for your photo shoot. Also… it never hurts to have a backup shirt or two just in case the baby spits up on it.
  5. Props- Our newborn studio is stocked with all the props needed for a beautiful photo session. If there are special things you might like to include, please bring them with you to the studio and let us know before we start the photo shoot, so we can plan how to incorporate them during the natural flow of your session.
  6. Wall Displays- Look around your home and think about where you might like to hang the portraits of your little one. On the day of your photo session, your photographer will discuss prints and canvases with you and help you decide what might be some good sizes and configurations for wall displays. Once you see the final retouched images, you can order prints and canvases straight from your in-person viewing. We even have pre-designed canvas clusters to make the process as easy as possible!
  7. Relax, take it easy!- Our photographers are very comfortable holding and posing newborn babies. Feel free to sit back on the suttee in our newborn studio and enjoy watching the photos unfold as your photographer handles all the details.

Scottsdale Newborn Photography Studio

It is such an honor that so many parents trust us with their new baby, and with documenting such a special time, one that cannot be replaced. If you are expecting a bundle of joy soon, contact us during your second trimester or click here to book your date!

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