Welcome Little Man!

February 9, 2020

It’s Baby Month!


Is there anything sweeter than a new little baby? They make the best cuddlers and cutest little coos. Everything about this is adorable. Miniature ears and lips and sweet little eyes of wonder. Even their cries can be adorable (perhaps not at 2 am though). Plus they have that fresh, new baby smell. Oh it is no wonder why Photography by Jodi Lynn loves baby sessions.  This little man came in for his three month photoshoot and we are in love! We even managed to get a smile out of him!

Sweet Little Details


We love all the little details about babies. Their skin is so soft and their hands so tiny. Little man’s tiny lips let out playful babble as we took pictures. Our hearts melted over this little man gripping his mama’s finger.  You can jump in with your little love like this mama on our blog. It is amazing how fast babies can change. Before you know it they are rolling over to sitting up and then trying to stand.


The World’s Most Important Person


You have dreamed and planned for your baby. Remember when you first found out you were pregnant and you began wondering what they would look like? Would they have your eyes or your smile? Now you get to look upon that face that loves you more than anything. Your baby’s eyes will always search for you. His smile is reserved for you. You are his safety. You are what he thinks of when he thinks of home.


Your Most Cherished  Memories


Your baby will be changing constantly, and you want to capture those memories and moments. Photos allow us to be time travelers. They freeze moments of time so that we are able to go back and visit whenever time allows. You will never look back and think “I have just too many pictures of my baby!”  Our Soft and Sweet package is ideal for catching your newest arrivals milestones. When your baby is grown, photos will be one of your dearest possessions of him. Whether your baby has just been born or you are pregnant, it is never too early or late to book a photo session for your baby. Jodi Lynn understands how precious these moments are to you and specializes in capturing these stages.  Contact Photography by Jodi Lynn to reach out and learn more.


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Milk Bath Magic


Milk baths are a magic elixir in a porcelain tub. They are a luxurious setting for your maternity or mama and baby photo session. Photography by Jodi Lynn is offering these stunning milk bath sessions for moms and babies as well as moms to be! The photos are breathtaking. Milk baths are popular right now and it is no wonder why! We would love for you to check out another milk bath on our blog to get ideas for your own sessions. This mama and me session was so tender and sweet. Imagine having these memories to hang in your child’s nursery. Scroll down to sneak a peek at one mama’s session and find out more.


A Sweet Memory for You and Your Baby

Your baby is only small this one time and it truly goes by fast. Somewhere during the lack of sleep, diaper changes, and mess clean ups, they grow up. Baby coos become the first mentions of the words “mama” and “dada”.Little squirms turn into crawls, steps and then full on walking. It can be easy to want one stage to end and be ready for the next. Photography by Jodi Lynn wants to help you slow down and enjoy this time with your baby while they are still small. Take the time to cherish and cuddle them while Jodi Lynn preserves these moments with photos forever.



Personalized for You

You can add a personal touch to your milk bath shoot by selecting different colored flowers or perhaps even adding some fresh fruit to give a more vibrant pop of color.  A milk bath is perfect for your newborn session and all the way up until they reach 8 months. A milk bath also looks fabulous for maternity shots!



A Treat for Mama

Photography by Jodi Lynn is dedicated to showing every woman how beautiful she is! Being a mother herself, Jodi Lynn wants to take away your stresses. This is why she provides the dress, milk and flowers. She even has hair and makeup services at the studio so you can get a little extra pampering! We have packages that include hair and makeup or you can add it on. We want to preserve your memories. When your children grow up, these will be the moments you will cherish for years to come. Take the time for you and for baby.  Contact Photography by Jodi Lynn to schedule your milk bath photo session.



A Luxurious Photo Experience

            Did you know milk baths actually have been symbols of luxury and royalty for many years? In medieval times, royal families indulged in extravagant milk baths to keep themselves looking youthful. Queen Cleopatra was famous for her beauty and glowing skin. It is said she bathed in milk everyday as part of her beauty regime. It is no wonder then that this mama and baby duo are so beautiful.

We love that this mama added a floral crown to her session floral crown on this mama, because we are all Queens afterall. Floral Crowns are a great piece to add to your next photo session.

Hair and Make Up Artist: Seventh Avenue Beauty



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One of the greatest joys in life is welcoming a new baby into the world. You see everything through fresh eyes, and the depth of love is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. If you’re pregnant and nearing your due date, it’s time to consider how you will capture this incredible time in your newborn’s life. 

Here at Photography by Jodi Lynn, we love playing a role in celebrating your baby’s entrance into this world. Jodi Lynn is a proud mother herself, so she understands exactly how important it is to have a way to treasure this moment forever, as time slips away faster than you realize. That’s why one of our favorite services to provide is the lifestyle newborn photoshoot.

What’s a Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot? 

When most people think of newborn photoshoots, they imagine posed photos of a baby in a bassinet. At Photography by Jodi Lynn, our newborn photoshoots are different because lifestyle photoshoots are our specialty. 

Essentially, lifestyle photoshoots capture you and your family’s true essence. No one will mistake who is represented in this photoshoot; it will be so uniquely you, your loved ones will recognize it instantly. Whether you’re more likely to wear a sundress and straw hat or a full ball gown, we can capture this momentous occasion the way you feel best represents you, your partner, and your baby in your element. 

Making Your Shoot Extra Special 

No one would describe the life of a new parent as glamorous, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the glam treatment! When you work with Jodi Lynn and her team, we do everything that we can to ensure you put your best face forward. That’s why we offer a $150 add-on of professional hair and makeup (if not already included in the package)! 

This month, we added a new offering: shopping help! To assure you create the best look possible, once you book your shoot, we will provide you with a list of where to go to shop for your look! The gorgeous dress featured in this photo is from one of our favorite online boutiques, Sew Trendy

Perfect for Birth Announcements 

As newborn photoshoots are a celebration of new life, it makes sense that you would want to share them with all of your friends and family. This makes them perfect for birth announcements! If you intend to use your lifestyle newborn photoshoot for your birth announcements, we can create these for you, or we can provide you with a digital copy so you can make them yourself. 

Capture Your Child’s Life Journey

These moments are the first steps down a long journey for your child. While they won’t be able to remember them, your child will love the opportunity to look back on their development to see how they’ve grown. As your youngster grows into an adult, they’ll cherish the chance to look back at these photos to see just how far they’ve come.

If you’re pregnant and ready to schedule your newborn photoshoot, we would love to work with you to create photographs you adore for years to come. Contact us for family photography in Phoenix!

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Can you hear sleigh bells yet? The holidays are right around the corner, and we’re already in the Christmas spirit. That’s why we are offering 30-minute mini-sessions in November for only $299*! Bring your family into our photography studio in Phoenix for a holiday-themed session that will be perfect for your annual cards. You take home all of the digital copies of your session, making it easy for you to print the holiday cards you desire. 

Use for Any Occasion 

Holiday cards aren’t just for Christmas! The end of the year presents many opportunities to celebrate, from roasting the turkey at Thanksgiving to spinning the dreidel for Hanukkah. Whatever your reason for the season, a holiday card is a wonderful way to connect with your loved ones all over the globe and give them a cherished keepsake to hold onto. 

Book Your Mini Session For $299!

The Family is All Together 

The holidays are such a special time of year because loved ones gather to celebrate. In our busy world, it’s increasingly difficult to get everyone in the same room, but the holidays bring the whole family together. This is the perfect opportunity to get a holiday photo to frame for your mantle or send out to the rest of your loved ones for them to cherish. 

Book Your Mini Session For $299!

A Memory to Last a Lifetime

The years slip by faster than a blink of an eye. One moment, your kids are toddlers, and the next, they’re headed off to college. Don’t let this magical time disappear without capturing the memory. A holiday photoshoot for your family gives you something tangible to hold onto through the natural ebbs and flows of life.

Are you ready to deck the halls yet? Come visit us here at Photography by Jodi Lynn for holiday photos you will treasure forever. Contact us to book your mini-session this November!

*Includes up to 5 people

Book Your Mini Session For $299!

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Happy fall! Are you as excited for this season as we are? Whether you would agree that fall is the most wonderful time of the year (move over Christmas) or not, it is undeniable that it is one of the best times for spending time with those you love the most, as well as slowing down to rest. Photography by Jodi Lynn would love to help you do both. 

We offer photo packages that let someone else take care of you for once and help you celebrate what it means to be family. Keep reading to learn why you should book your session with Photography by Jodi Lynn this fall!

Also, be sure to check out our new studio by watching the video! We are excited to have a new fresh space to help you create memories you’ll cherish forever. 


Get Pampered & Relax

No matter if you’re a new parent, a “veteran parent” with five kids, or an on-the-go influencer, we all could use a little downtime and, more specifically, someone taking care of us for a change. Our Phoenix area photographer located in Gilbert offers hair & makeup as $150 add-on to any of our services which lets you sit back and relax as we enhance your look and make you photo-ready for your shoot! We recommend this for anyone who wants to get the most out of their session. However, we especially recommend this for new moms as it gives them a chance to breathe, relax, and enjoy looking and feeling their best.  


Capture Unforgettable Moments

Life isn’t about the destination; it truly is about the journey and taking in those special moments and memories along the way. For this reason, we offer a variety of ways to capture those special moments!

  • Beloved Bella Package – two portrait sessions: one maternity and one newborn. 
  • Bump to One Package – two full sessions, three indoor mini-sessions to capture this unforgettable moment in your life. 
  • The Simple Darling & Sweet Story Packages – these packages are perfect for bringing the whole family and capturing what makes your family special.

We offer a variety of other packages, including headshots. Learn more about what we offer here! We would love to take your family pictures or those lifestyle shots for your new business.


Make It a Family Affair

At the end of the day, life is all about family and we would love to help you take pictures with those special people in your life. Photography by Jodi Lynn specializes in not only capturing mom and baby, but also creating special shots of the whole family. We highly encourage you to treat yourself to a photoshoot with Hair & Makeup and bring your husband and the kids along too for a stress-free shoot that you will cherish for years to come.   

Have An Enriching Experience

Anyone can play take a photo. However, Photography by Jodi Lynn offers you an enriching experience. As Jodi Lynn is a mother herself, she understands what it means to be a mother, including the joys and the struggles. With any package, she wants to not only provide you with beautiful pictures, but also create a meaningful experience as you work with her to create those special moments captured on film. To Jodi Lynn, the experience is just as important as the end product. 


If you are ready to book with Photography by Jodi Lynn or simply want more information about our photographer or photography studio, contact us. Be sure to book your session soon — spots are filling up fast! 

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