As local Arizona business are female owners strongly believe in empowering of other women leaders and influencers. That is why Photography by Jodi Lynn & Co has specialized in women’s headshot portraits since late 2014. Providing women in all industries with a studio that celebrates their accomplishments and highlights their true personalities has been an incredible experience that we can’t wait to continue for years to come. Whether you are a blogger, lawyer, or educator we want to work with you to create personalized headshots that you can use for LinkedIn, your business website, or even Facebook.

Local Female Business Owner Headshots

This week on or blog we are delighted to feature a local Arizona business owner and educator. Beth Brantley, is the founder and owner of Bright Ideas Learning Center. She opened the doors to the first location in early 2000 and has since opened 2 more locations around the valley. Her goal when opening Bright Ideas was to create a space that was an extension of family and community that helps build a foundation for children. As a mother of 12 watching children excel has always been passion of Beth’s and now that some of her kids are older you can find them working and walking the halls at Bright Ideas as they spend their days helping children grow, learn, love and laugh!

Get Headshots for Your Business

We love meeting new business professionals from around the valley. If you are looking to update your LinkedIn profile or gain more business through your website, contact us or call us at 480 495 5455 to discuss our packages. We have plenty options to fit your business needs.

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In today’s world it is important that your headshot portrait reflect you professionally and personally. At Photography by Jodi Lynn, we specialize in professional portraits that work for the corporate world and the social world! When you come to see us at the studio you will leave with a traditional headshot, as well as creative lifestyle portrait.

Why Women Need Professional Headshots

At Photography by Jodi Lynn & Co. we believe it is so important for women to have a professional portrait that reflects their accomplishments in the business world. In a male dominated industry such as law, or medical, having a creative business portrait will help you stand out in your industry. For this client, showing he fun personality was the main goal of her session. Her various outfits allowed for her to express her personality outside of her career while remaining professional.

Headshot Portrait Studio in Arizona

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona we offer full-service headshot portrait sessions with hair and makeup, outfit styling and consulting, and professional photo editing. Starting at $75 our sessions cater to all business professionals. We offer men’s headshots as well as women’s headshots. With various backdrops available we are able to cater to every and any industry. Call us today at 480 495 5455 or contact us here to book your creative business portrait session.

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At Photography by Jodi Lynn not only do we specialize in creative lifestyle headshots for women but also for men. Since every person is different their headshot should reflect them and their needs as a professional. Whether you are an accountant, starting your own company, or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, each person needs a headshot that gets them the results they need. That’s why we always make sure to capture a headshot that will help our clients gain more business by creating a look that will attract the right clientele for you.

Professional Headshot Portraits for Men

At Photography by Jodi Lynn, we don’t believe every person’s headshot should look the same and have a variety of sets to give you the perfect portrait for your needs. Our natural light backdrop is essential for casual yet professional look. While our all white studio light set is great for more traditional headshot portraits. Looking for a darker, moodier vibe for your headshots? Our black brick set gives an industrial look that is great for the creative businessman or male model’s headshot.

Attract New Clients with Creative Business Headshots

Whether you are look long to attract new business clients or just need to update your LinkedIn profile our indoor Tempe studio exceeds other studios by offering a variety of backdrops as well professional styling to help you execute a look that exuded professional confidence. Call us today at 480 495 5455 to book your headshot session.

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Often, when business professionals come to us for their business portraits, they have a vision in mind of what headshots used to be, rigid, lackluster and impersonal. And while some organizations and the roles that some people play in their professional lives dictate a conservative style of portrait, that’s not always the case. At Photography by Jodi Lynn we specialize in fun business headshots for every type of professional. From life coaches to lawyers our natural light studio is a great backdrop for creating a headshot portrait that is unique to your personality and your business.

Unique Headshots for Women

This headshot session was truly one of kind, our beautiful client JoJo Caramello describes herself as a pixie with spunk! And after working with her we would have to agree. Her energy and smile are infectious which makes it easy to see why she successfully runs her own life organization company, Higher Me! Professional Organization, that specializes in de-cluttering your life of emotional, mental, and physical baggage. In a time like today we all carry some type of baggage; whether we care to admit it or not, and JoJo’s services while uncommon are necessary to help the modern human live a happy and stress-free life.

Take Your Business to The Next Level with Professional Headshots by Photography by Jodi Lynn

Are you inspired to create your own creative business portraits at our Tempe, AZ studio? Give us a call at 480-495-5455 for more information on our packages and available dates.

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Nothing is more important than a first impression. A potential client’s decision to do business with you will often be based in large part on the sense of your competence, professionalism and demeanor created by your photographer. Photography by Jodi Lynn & Co.’s glamour business headshots are subtly crafted based on the individual branding of your business. Simple as they may seem at first glance, creating a very effective corporate headshots requires a sophisticated photographer capable of understanding the branding of your business, and of translating that into a visual message.

Glamour Headshots at Photography by Jodi Lynn & Co

At Photography by Jodi Lynn & Co. our professional photographers’ goal is not only to help make the headshot process as easy and glamorous as possible but also impactful on prospective clients. Like these headshot below for our fabulous and serene client, Tarezza Riazzi. Tarezza is an East Valley Hypnotherapist at Wholistic Healings who can help you quit smoking, lose weight, or just reduce daily stress! We had so much fun photographing Tarezza in our indoor natural light studio. We love how she paired a pastel pink blazer and white jeans with our gilded white leather sofa. And her floral dress looked beautiful with her professional hair and make-up done at the studio. These images below wonderfully showcase her calm and confident nature.

Update Your Headshots Today!

If it’s time to update that LinkedIn profile, or you’re looking to redesign your website and blog with personalized portraits, our lifestyle headshot portraits are an ideal option! Contact us or give us a call at 480-495-5455 to discuss your ideas with the girls in the studio!

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