In today’s primarily virtual world, a head shot is most likely the first impression you will have with potential clients. Having a professional head shot is a great way to boost your confidence and gives others a better idea of your professional abilities. Though people say to “never judge a book by its cover”, it’s always a good idea to try to make the best first impression that you possibly can.

Here at Photography by Jodi Lynn, we want to help you stand out from the crowd and stay fresh in your potential clients and colleagues’ minds! Choosing the right outfit can take your photos to the next level. Not sure what to wear? We’ve put together a no-fuss guide on what you should bring to your photo shoot.

Keep it simple and neutral.

Not sure where to start? Black, white, and greys are go-to classic colors that are perfect for that timeless and clean look. You can never go wrong with these!

Blazer or no blazer?

We say yes to both! Always bring a neutral colored, well-fitted blazer to your shoot as we can take photos with it on and off to give you some diversity. Don’t be afraid of some color though! Bolder colors like jewel tones can still be just as nice and work well with a variety of skin tones.

Stick with tradition.

Button-ups and blouses should be the foundation to your outfit (or at least one of your outfits). A business dress, cardigan, or nice sweater are also great choices! We want you to look good, but comfortable too! You should feel like best yourself when you wear your outfit.

Let one thing be the focus.

Whether that is a jewelry piece, a pop of color, or a printed garment, chose which one should be the highlight of your outfit and keep the rest simple.

Now that you have a better idea of what to bring, let’s talk details.

What colors or patterns should I wear? Solid colors look great on camera, and let YOU be the focus in the image. However, we do love a subtle print here and there to bring in some interest. A fun idea would be incorporating a print that goes along with your type of business!

Great grooming can go a long way. Good grooming and hygiene are crucial for a great head shot. This is your chance to look your absolute best! Ideally you will want a simple, clean, and soft makeup look that shows off the real YOU. We always offer in-studio hair and makeup services for those that are interested!

How do I portray my business in my head shots?

You can always incorporate your clothes that you wear for your profession into your head shot session. Are you a yoga instructor? Let’s take some action and resting shots of you in your gear! Accessories and props are also an easy way to show people who you are and what you’re about.

Another great way to give your head shots some more style is considering a different colored background. We have multiple options at the studio, and it can bring in some life to traditional photos. Think of your industry and career field and how we can match that same feeling. We loved doing a blush pink background for our beauty team gals! If you’re wanting anything other than a white or grey background for your session, please let us know beforehand!

Why not try a more “lifestyle” approach? Let’s take some more relaxed photos in a comfortable setting that shows off your personality, and can be more versatile for your business needs.

Whatever your business or personal needs are, Photography by Jodi Lynn offers a variety of packages to suit each individual. Book your session here, or to learn more feel free to contact us!


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Adolescence is a confusing time for young ladies and gentlemen. Along with suffering through puberty, youth brings forth a confusing array of emotions and self-discoveries that can leave your young adult reeling. In our teen and senior sessions, we here at Photography by Jodi Lynn want to bring it back to the basics with a sweet outdoor session.


Confidence is a learned trait, give your teen the best possible outcome by booking a session for them that allows them to express themselves fully and without judgement, and the best part is, you can have a custom album documenting it all. For this session, we met up with Ms. L and her parents at our stunning, lush, green outdoor location. Although initially very shy, Ms. L really blossomed as the session progressed. It was clear from her choice of wardrobe that she felt at home among the greenery. Comfortable and calm, she was able to garner some confidence and by the end of the session, could not wait to come back!


Ms. L wore a cute, feminine top and dress that made her feel like the graceful young lady that she is quickly blossoming into, and like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, your teen will only be this way for a short while. Make sure you never forget her sweet little smile, or his goofy cowlick with a personal and intimate session designed to make them feel most like themselves.


Book your teen or senior session today and capture those often missed “in-between” years when she is not yet a woman, but no longer a little girl. Cherish it

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