At Photography by Jodi Lynn we know that pregnancy is such a beautiful, important and irreplaceable time in a women’s life. Maternity photography is SO important to us because pregnancy is the most beautiful experience and it should be, and it should be captured in beautiful photographs to enjoy for years to come. We understand that pregnancy can be challenging. You are excited to meet your new baby, your body is changing, and some days it’s harder to give yourself the “I am beautiful” pep talk, not to worry we will show you how beautiful you are, making that pep talk easier!

We are able to work with so many amazing women to create portraits that show their excitement for their new bundle of joy while showing off the mommas style. This momma-to-be had the cutest outfits and best ideas. She was SO much fun to work with time and time again as she has been our repeat client in the last few years.


Jodi Lynn and Traci love working with our clients and their families to create photos that are unique and catered to their style. We love being given an idea or theme and bringing it to life, especially with maternity. Maternity sessions are some of the best sessions to really show the meaning of love, excitement and what family is all about. We encourage our clients to bring the whole family! If you have other children, let them get in on the fun! They may be excited or having a hard time with the idea of a new addition to the family, and we will ensure that they feel as special as you!

This family was one of our favorites to work with. We went out to one of our favorite outdoor spots and captured all of our favorite things; love, happiness, family and the meaning of life.


We work with families, expecting families and newborns every day! Our photographers are very thorough and understand that these pictures have a greater meaning that having photos taken. Let us work with you to create a session that shows all the things you value most! Call us at 480-495-5455 or click here to book now!

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It’s amazing how magical and wondrous everything is when you’re a kid. But as you grow older, that amazement seems to fade. We no longer see a sword when we walk past a stick or pretend the floor is lava like kids do. Thankfully, as photographers we have the ability to still see that magic in our pint-sized clients. At Photography by Jodi Lynn, we think kids’ portrait photography should go beyond annual school photos or holiday card greeting which is why we have begun specializing in fun and personal children’s portraits! These custom sessions are perfect showing off your kiddo’s developing personality and individual style.

Indoor Children’s Photography in Arizona

 We loved photographing Miss Cammi in our Tempe studio. Her glitzy kitty cat cardigan and cowgirl boots gave her a “Country Glam” look that complimented her sparkly personality wonderfully! We are so happy to have our beautiful natural light photography studio in addition to our stunning handpicked outdoor Arizona locations. When you call to schedule your little one’s mini portrait session be sure to tell us about any hobbies or interests they have so that we can suggest the best location for you!

Show your kids why they’re special with children’s portraits!

Yearbook and school photos are nice but dedicating a whole mini sessions to your kiddo(s) is a great way to share a side the rest of your family may or may not know. Contact us or call us at 480 495 5455, your kids will love having their photo taken by our professional photographers.

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