The 2018 school year is coming to an end, and our seniors this year will be starting a new venture in their lives! At Photography by Jodi Lynn, we specialize in capturing fun portraits for our seniors! Traci and Jodi Lynn create fun sessions that reflect our clients’ personalities. Senior portrait sessions are some of our favorite sessions because we are pushed to really think outside of the box and take what we know about our clients and bring it to life!


Senior pictures are such a great way to showcase your personality and style. It gives your friends a great keepsake to remember when they look back at their senior year. We love using accessories and props in sessions because it adds personality and showcases who you are in your final year of school. For this senior session we were able to get creative with the desert backdrop, as we were able to meet him near his home with his moto-bike to personalize the session even more.  He loves riding on two wheels and that matched is edgy, cool and fun personality. We are super proud that he is also aspiring to be a police officer, we cannot wait to see where life takes him!


We love being able to work with our clients to create a session that is all about YOU! We can’t wait to work with you to create unforgettable senior portraits as you venture off into the next big stage in your life! Call us at 480-495- 5455 or click here to book now!





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At Photography by Jodi Lynn we believe all women are beautiful just as they are. We are all about the “complete experience”. The complete experience really begins with professional hair and make-up. Lucky for you, our hair and make-up artists are professionals who know how to make you look your best. We want your experience to be wonderful from start to finish. It is not only essential for you to create amazing photographs; it’s great for you too! Think…relaxing, pampering and beautifying!

Photography by Jodi Lynn before and after 1 copy


Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding professional hair and make-up:

I feel comfortable doing my own hair and/or make-up; why is professional hair and make-up required?

Our artists are familiar and professionally trained in photography make-up. They understand the studio lighting and know that in order for your pictures to come out amazing; they will need to increase the amount of make-up applied.

I am a hair and/or make-up artist or have someone that I’m comfortable with already.

We understand that you may be hesitant to hire another artist if you are one yourself or if you have someone you feel comfortable with. Please know that to us, it’s not just about the professional hair and make-up; it’s really about the pampering and relaxing experience prior to your shoot. The photography experience is all about you feeling and looking your best. Professional hair and make-up are step one.

What are the benefits of adding Photography by Jodi Lynns hair and make-up artists to your photography package?

  • Get to know Jodi Lynn prior to your shoot (the more comfortable you are; the better your pictures come out! Trust us!)
    • Option of finalizing your outfit choices with the artist and/or Jodi Lynn (includes the use of studio accessories and styling tips!)
    • Feel extra glamorous because you’re getting a “brand new” look. (you’ll still be beautiful you- but with some glam!)
    • Fabulous eyelashes! (make a huge difference)
    • Our artists know our sets and our lighting (huge benefit!)
    • Your own make-up can “disappear” under our lighting causing your pictures to look like you have none on. (We don’t want that!)
    • You will feel and LOOK like a supermodel. We think every woman should experience that at least once in her life.
    • You’ll feel so great after your shoot that you can make a day or night out of it – and won’t have to worry about “getting ready”.

Are there any exceptions to the professional hair and make-up requirement?

We offer “make-up” only packages to the ladies who have “hard to manage” hair or special circumstances that would make it challenging for our artists to work with.


We have several hair and makeup artists that we love working with at Photography by Jodi Lynn, meet two of our gals below that we work with frequently!


Erica – Erica has been working with Le Boudoir Studio since September 2010; basically since the beginning of the studio! Erica’s role is to provide clients with professional hair and makeup services before their photo shoot. What she loves most about working at Le Boudoir Studio is meeting and connecting with so many women and seeing their confidence soar after a shoot. Erica is professionally passionate about helping women see their own beauty. She realizes that women can be so critical of ourselves and Erica is there to ease them into the studio atmosphere; all the while just being genuine, having fun, and of course providing them with a fabulous makeover. Personally, Erica is passionate about her family and friends. She lives to connect with others on a deeper level than just the surface; life is all about connection in Erica’s opinion! On a typical weekend night you will find Erica either at home with her husband and two boys or out visiting a friend’s home. Enjoying some down time together as a family is what Erica looks forward to the most. The one thing it would be impossible for Erica to give up is her strong faith in God, because He has never left her side and has brought Erica through any and all of life’s challenges. Look forward to meeting Erica in the pink salon chair soon!


Le Boudoir Studio hair and makeup artist Lorraine



Lorraine- has been working with Le Boudoir Studio for two years. Her role is to provide professional hair and make-up! Her favorite part about working with the clients is in knowing she will get to meet and get to know the clients all while giving them a look they feel beautiful and confident in. Professionally, Lorraine is passionate about her work in makeup and skincare. It makes her happy to know she can help her clients feel better about themselves. Personally, she adores her two daughters and focuses on being the best mommy to them she can be! On a typical weekend; you’ll find Lorraine spending time with her husband and two daughters. It would be impossible for her to give up her career in professional hair and makeup; she feels it makes her a better person all around. Look forward to seeing Lorraine at the studio soon!

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