Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Every moment, movement and memory is a brand new, exciting adventure. It goes so fast and as time goes on, our memories become a little fuzzy around the edges. What better way to remember the excitement of and mystery of a new baby than to capture it in a photograph. Will it be a girl? Will it be a boy? Many families are moving into the trend of gender reveal photoshoots to forever capture that moment of surprise! As many of you may know, our very own Jodi Lynn is working hard carrying and growing a beautiful new life! She has been diligently recording every wonderful milestone of her second pregnancy and of course she had to go a gender reveal and you can too!


Just as every baby is different, the same holds true for baby gender reveal photo sessions as well. A growing trend among Instagram and Facebook is using a large black balloon containing colored confetti or glitter to reveal the gender of your newest family member. We love being a part of these very special shoots and are very careful to never reveal the secret! We even transported the balloons in a different car than Jodi just to make sure she wouldn’t find out until it was time. We took some sweet family shots and a few showcasing “the bump” before we helped to capture the exact moment when Jodi and her family found out the gender of their patiently awaited baby



Congratulations Jodi Lynn on your beautiful baby girl. We here at Photography by Jodi Lynn can’t wait to meet her and of course photograph her from the moment she’s born past her cake smash and beyond! Take a look at some of our packages and give us a call so that we can find a gender reveal that works for you and yours!

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You’ve made and checked all of the lists, twice, unpacked the family’s cozy winter clothes, and finally, it is the most wonderful time of the year! Well, nearly. The holidays are fast approaching and as the grocery stores fill up and the weather starts to drop, there just one thing left on your list: Family Holiday Photos! A family session focusing around the holidays can make an excellent gift for friends and family, or even just a touching update to your frames on your desk at work! It can seem nearly impossible to find time in your busy schedule to coordinate everyone else’s, get the whole gang dressed and matched and then drag the kids out for pictures. Try something new this year and book an outdoor session for your family at our festive Tree Lot location.


Ditch the classic stuffy holiday photos and opt for a more natural and candid experience that will capture your loved ones in their most authentic form. Here at Photography by Jodi Lynn, our favorite part of the Christmas tree lot locations is all of the natural elements that come together during this shoot. The soft, golden light will paint your family into a beautifully timeless portrait, and the close-knit proximity of the beautiful pines creates an effortlessly intimate world in which you and your family can enjoy each others company. Oh yeah, and we’re there too! Enjoy the deep, mesmerizing green of the trees and their festive, intoxicating aroma all while making lasting memories that you can immortalize in a canvas print or custom album. These cheerful pictures make great gifts during the holiday for friends and family, and are a fantastic way to enter the holiday season this year!


Don’t spend this most special time in the year pulling out your hair over family photos. The holidays are a time for you to get in some good quality time with your family. Let go of the stress of planning the perfect photoshoot for your family and book with Photography by Jodi Lynn. We are always happy to help your family capture all of the amazing moments and smiles that makes your family what it is.

We have many beautiful outdoor locations available here at Photography by Jodi Lynn, in a large variety of climates and backgrounds. Take a peek at our blog and gallery to see some examples of family shoots we have been privileged to capture to help you to decide where you want to shoot your family portraits next next!

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In a world where kids and teens are held hostage by their various screens and devices, it can be difficult to fit in that quality family time that you used to get when they were younger. Getting each of the kids dressed, fed and smiling can see like an impossible and daunting task. Relieve some of the pressure of getting that perfect wall-hanging-worthy family portrait by booking with us here at Photography by Jodi Lynn. We are experts at getting all of your little ducks in a row and smiling wide for a beautiful photoshoot. Whether part of an indoor or outdoor session, we want your kids to look and feel their best, and that comfortability is crucial in coaxing out genuine smiles and sweet giggles. The kiddos in this family photoshoot had a hard time keeping a straight face once we got them all posed, but their candid smiles were some of the best images from this session.


With Photography by Jodi Lynn, you aren’t locked into either an indoor or outdoor session. Life is short, have your cake and eat it too! You can book a Simple Darling photo session, and for just $200 more, you and your family can enjoy a combined indoor and outdoor session lasting up to 1.5 hours! That’s a lot of camera time! This family sat for some beautiful natural light sets before loading the gang into the car and heading over to our lush, green, Scottsdale Wash location to get some family, group and individual pictures. This beautiful family created a memorable day for themselves through a colorful, personal stylized photoshoot in this fun and colorful location and so can you!


Once upon a time it was common practice to tote the kids out in the exact same outfit for a family shoot, but here at Photography by Jodi Lynn, we find that donning clothes in the same color family, or complimenting opposites is the best way to go. This family played with light bright colors like blue and white complimented by a fall-friendly crimson and sweet pink. There are so many different options and combinations when choosing clothes for your session.


We have many beautiful outdoor locations available here at Photography by Jodi Lynn. Take a peek at our blog and gallery to see some examples to help decide where you want to shoot next!

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The 2018 school year is coming to an end, and our seniors this year will be starting a new venture in their lives! At Photography by Jodi Lynn, we specialize in capturing fun portraits for our seniors! Traci and Jodi Lynn create fun sessions that reflect our clients’ personalities. Senior portrait sessions are some of our favorite sessions because we are pushed to really think outside of the box and take what we know about our clients and bring it to life!


Senior pictures are such a great way to showcase your personality and style. It gives your friends a great keepsake to remember when they look back at their senior year. We love using accessories and props in sessions because it adds personality and showcases who you are in your final year of school. For this senior session we were able to get creative with the desert backdrop, as we were able to meet him near his home with his moto-bike to personalize the session even more.  He loves riding on two wheels and that matched is edgy, cool and fun personality. We are super proud that he is also aspiring to be a police officer, we cannot wait to see where life takes him!


We love being able to work with our clients to create a session that is all about YOU! We can’t wait to work with you to create unforgettable senior portraits as you venture off into the next big stage in your life! Call us at 480-495- 5455 or click here to book now!





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