What is more special than a newborn baby sleeping peacefully? It’s a pretty short list, and that is why we put an incredible amount of attention and care in creating timeless newborn images that will be cherished for so many years to come. The ideal time frame to create sweet baby photos is within two weeks of your child’s arrival to the world!


Scheduling your Newborn Session


Precious newborn photography starts before your baby arrives, and it’s best to give us a call within 8-10 weeks of your due date so we can discuss scheduling options. We love to personalize your session, so we take the nursery colors and theme into consideration when designing your baby’s first photoshoot! Props from your baby’s own wardrobe create incredibly sweet baby photos that have an added special touch, just like Ms. Olivia’s images!

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Maternity Photos are Special too!


Don’t forget to take the time for yourself too, mom! Maternity sessions are so special, and how precious to have a canvas or book of mommy in the nursery too. 🙂 Here is our Maternity Gallery  as well!

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