Hands down, one of our most popular FAQ questions is, “What she we wear to our family photo session?” It is completely understandable to want your family to look their best for your portrait session, it’s a wonderful investment, after all! While there are no rules to personal style, we definitely have a few recommendations when it comes to your family photography! Here are a few pointers to keep in mind for your session:

  • Keep in mind the location! If you have selected a natural location for your session, neutral colors, solids, and soft patterns look great. For a more urban location, mix up your look with a bold color or pattern to really pop!
  • Make sure YOU feel amazing! It’s important that you feel comfortable and incredible in what you are wearing, that confidence will definitely show in your images.
  • Bring a back-up option, sometimes you realize the day, or the moment, of your family photoshoot that you don’t actually like what you are wearing, whoops! That’s okay! Bring an extra option, just in case. J
  • Work to coordinate family outfits, instead of matching. It’s so hard to find one look that everyone likes, instead work around 2 or 3 coordinating colors to build your outfits.


The Reynoso Family


The Reynoso Family is a great example of outfit coordination for their outdoor family photos, they look great next to each other, and their location! We love how you can see their personality shine through in these images. Check out their images below, and contact us to schedule your perfectly coordinated family photoshoot, too! 🙂


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