Arizona Newborn Portrait Photographer

November 28, 2016

Oh the joy and the excitement! You’re expecting a baby…your belly is growing and your house is filling is up with diapers, onesies, and latest baby tech. And whether this is your first or your fourth, you are preparing for your newest addition! There are so many new things to look forward to and so many moments to be prepared for. From stocking up your nursery, selecting the best pediatrician, and avidly reading parenting books you’ve thought of it all. But what about newborn photography

Premier Newborn Photography in Phoenix

Newborn photography is a bit of a unique genre in the photography world because it requires a completely different set of skills for posing and lighting than any other type of photography. And is often overlooked by parents because it may seem like a “fad.” Well we here at Photography by Jodi Lynn believe that newborn photography isn’t a fad but a wonderful way to preserve the memory of this beautiful time in your life. With multiple backdrops, colorful wraps and cute little props our Phoenix photography studio can easily be transformed to meet the style or look that will work best in your nursery today, and still be timeless in your custom album for decades to come.


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Are you expecting? It’s best to schedule your newborn session 8 weeks before your due date. Contact the studio, or call us at (480)495-5455 to schedule your newborn photography session today.

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