Elevate your Brand with Professional Business Headshots

March 20, 2017

At Photography by Jodi Lynn & Co we feel like the modern business portrait has evolved and really become a statement of who you are as a brand. With LinkedIn and other social media platforms being the a key player in networking and business we are so excited about helping you create a representation of you and your personal brand that goes beyond the traditional business headshot. In our beautiful, natural light, indoor studio our team of female photographers spend time perfecting poses that work well on all women, and provide a safe space where our professional ladies feel encouraged and confident!

Modern and Glamorous Business Portraits for Women

Regardless of your industry, it is so important for your potential and current clients to see your material and see the cohesive style of your personal brand. And with our amazing styling and photography team on hand we know just how to create the perfect look to showcase your brand! Traci loved working with Bethany of Bethany J Plaza LLC. Bethany has been an energetic and outspoken leader in the IT industry for over 25 years. When working with her it was easy to see why her unique blend of strategic thinking and person centered leadership skills have helped a wide range of individuals and organizations also run by women exceed their business goals. Visit Bethany’s website for more information on her services.

Bethany Plaza

Professional Headshots by Photography by Jodi Lynn & Co.

If it’s time to update that LinkedIn profile, or you’re looking to redesign your website and blog with personalized portraits, our lifestyle headshot portraits are an ideal option! Contact us or give us a call at 480-495-5455 to discuss your ideas with the ladies in the studio!

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