Cherish your Children- Mommy and Me Photography

January 2, 2017

Her smile makes me smile. Her laugh is infectious. Her heart is pure and true. Above all I love that she is my daughter.” – Unknown

Mommy and Me portraits are a fun alternative to the traditional family portraits.  Family portraits can be a wonderful way to capture those special moments of you and your family as time goes by, but if you’re too busy to get everyone together, or just want to bond with your little one(s), a Mommy and Me photo session is easier to style and coordinate.  At Photography by Jodi Lynn & Co. We love that Mommy and Me photography is intimate and sweet with little fuss –we love our natural light studio for a sweet indoor look. With it being just you and your kiddo(s), it gives us time and space to let those natural interactions and emotions play out, resulting in a mini time capsule of your current relationship.  Make this an annual tradition and you’ll have beautifully documented images of the growth and evolution of your relationship.

Holiday Mommy and Me Photo Session

Mommy and Me sessions make a great a holiday bonding experience and gift! So when Traci decided to schedule her Mommy and Me session with her daughter Cammi we couldn’t wait! Not only was this session our last photo shoot before Christmas but Miss Cammi is such a charismatic and sweet girl, we knew her personality would shine through in this session! Our professional family photographers had a delightful time capturing the love this mom and daughter share. What wonderful way to start the holiday season!

The Perfect Gift for Moms

Whether it’s you and your little one(s) or you and your mom, scheduling your Mommy and Me session with Photography by Jodi Lynn & Co. is a fabulous gift any time of year. Contact us or call us at 480 495-5455 to schedule your photo session today!

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