Traditional baby photography will always be a classic, but we have become obsessed with the
milk bath photo shoots. Milk baths are simple, yet they create the most serene photos. Each
session is dreamy and easy to personalize, you can add literally anything to the “stage”-
flowers, leaves, and even color the water. Not only are these fun sessions simple, but the setting is calm, comfortable and natural. It allows the babies to have enough coverage to where they are not too exposed while adding something as simple as daises will create the most timeless photos for your family to cherish for a lifetime.



                             We were in heaven a few days ago in our natural light studio with the smell of fresh flowers, our favorite lavender oil and baby “A” in high spirits. We were all ready to get this precious 18 month baby into her milk bath session. It didn’t take very long to get set up; we grabbed our vintage enamel tub, filled it up with warm water and added our favorite bottle of village naturals milk bath, placed our favorite daisies and got this sweet babe ready to get messy! She splashed around and had a blast while we captured all her amazing laughs and smiles throughout the session!

At Photography by Jodi Lynn, we photograph babies at all their milestones newborn and older.  We suggest doing a milk bath for your baby between the ages of 10 and 18 months, depending on their stability. Most toddlers at 12-18 months have developed their sense of self, which makes this milk bath session with Baby A’s blossoming personality really shine through with in each image.


What a better way of remembering your child’s precious moments than with a personalized session to celebrate each milestone! Call us to schedule at 480-495-5455 or click here to book now!

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At Photography by Jodi Lynn, we understand that pregnancy is a very special time for you and your family, we like to make the shoot as relaxed, comfortable and as easy as possible for yourself and others. The whole family got together for this maternity session and they were a complete joy to work with. Their little boy may be one of our favorite five old’s ever. He is so smart and charming and enthusiastic about becoming a big brother, just check out his shirt! Much like him, we can’t wait to meet his little sister!

Vintage Themed Pregnancy Portraits

This mom to be is absolutely beautiful! Her second pregnancy has been a breeze and she can’t wait to welcome her second child…a girl! Her love for her son, sweet husband, and adorable dog shined bright during our session which made them super simple to photograph. We just love capturing a family’s love for each other…what a great home their little miss will be a part of! Since this mom to be enjoys the desert just as much as we do. We were thrilled that she wanted to photograph her vintage themed maternity session at one of our favorite locations. With a classic VW bus this session gave us total hippie vibes that matched this family wonderfully. And the addition of their sweet fur baby made this session all the better!

Mama to Be Photography

Best when taken around 28-32 weeks, we recommend scheduling your maternity photo session within your first or second trimester. Call us today to book your maternity photo session.

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