Welcome Little Man!

February 9, 2020

It’s Baby Month!


Is there anything sweeter than a new little baby? They make the best cuddlers and cutest little coos. Everything about this is adorable. Miniature ears and lips and sweet little eyes of wonder. Even their cries can be adorable (perhaps not at 2 am though). Plus they have that fresh, new baby smell. Oh it is no wonder why Photography by Jodi Lynn loves baby sessions.  This little man came in for his three month photoshoot and we are in love! We even managed to get a smile out of him!

Sweet Little Details


We love all the little details about babies. Their skin is so soft and their hands so tiny. Little man’s tiny lips let out playful babble as we took pictures. Our hearts melted over this little man gripping his mama’s finger.  You can jump in with your little love like this mama on our blog. It is amazing how fast babies can change. Before you know it they are rolling over to sitting up and then trying to stand.


The World’s Most Important Person


You have dreamed and planned for your baby. Remember when you first found out you were pregnant and you began wondering what they would look like? Would they have your eyes or your smile? Now you get to look upon that face that loves you more than anything. Your baby’s eyes will always search for you. His smile is reserved for you. You are his safety. You are what he thinks of when he thinks of home.


Your Most Cherished  Memories


Your baby will be changing constantly, and you want to capture those memories and moments. Photos allow us to be time travelers. They freeze moments of time so that we are able to go back and visit whenever time allows. You will never look back and think “I have just too many pictures of my baby!”  Our Soft and Sweet package is ideal for catching your newest arrivals milestones. When your baby is grown, photos will be one of your dearest possessions of him. Whether your baby has just been born or you are pregnant, it is never too early or late to book a photo session for your baby. Jodi Lynn understands how precious these moments are to you and specializes in capturing these stages.  Contact Photography by Jodi Lynn to reach out and learn more.


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