Welcome Little Man!

February 9, 2020

It’s Baby Month!


Is there anything sweeter than a new little baby? They make the best cuddlers and cutest little coos. Everything about this is adorable. Miniature ears and lips and sweet little eyes of wonder. Even their cries can be adorable (perhaps not at 2 am though). Plus they have that fresh, new baby smell. Oh it is no wonder why Photography by Jodi Lynn loves baby sessions.  This little man came in for his three month photoshoot and we are in love! We even managed to get a smile out of him!

Sweet Little Details


We love all the little details about babies. Their skin is so soft and their hands so tiny. Little man’s tiny lips let out playful babble as we took pictures. Our hearts melted over this little man gripping his mama’s finger.  You can jump in with your little love like this mama on our blog. It is amazing how fast babies can change. Before you know it they are rolling over to sitting up and then trying to stand.


The World’s Most Important Person


You have dreamed and planned for your baby. Remember when you first found out you were pregnant and you began wondering what they would look like? Would they have your eyes or your smile? Now you get to look upon that face that loves you more than anything. Your baby’s eyes will always search for you. His smile is reserved for you. You are his safety. You are what he thinks of when he thinks of home.


Your Most Cherished  Memories


Your baby will be changing constantly, and you want to capture those memories and moments. Photos allow us to be time travelers. They freeze moments of time so that we are able to go back and visit whenever time allows. You will never look back and think “I have just too many pictures of my baby!”  Our Soft and Sweet package is ideal for catching your newest arrivals milestones. When your baby is grown, photos will be one of your dearest possessions of him. Whether your baby has just been born or you are pregnant, it is never too early or late to book a photo session for your baby. Jodi Lynn understands how precious these moments are to you and specializes in capturing these stages.  Contact Photography by Jodi Lynn to reach out and learn more.


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With Father’s Day in the recent past, it’s easy to reflect on the difficulty of finding a gift for Dad. Whether you can’t afford to buy what dad really wants or he is the man that has everything, holidays such as Father’s Day, birthdays, and other special occasions can become stressful when it comes time to find Dad the perfect gift. Today, we at Photography by Jodi Lynn are here to help! 

Daddy Daughter photography session Gilbert
photgrapher in Gilbert


Family Photographer in Gilbert

3 Ways to Give Dad Gifts He Will Love

Even though Dad can extremely hard to buy for, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find something that he will love. Sometimes, it’s all about thinking about gift-giving in a different way. 


Instead of thinking about material things that Dad might want, it’s time to consider what would be the most meaningful gift. Though Dad will always appreciate gold plated cufflinks and other traditional gifts, a painting completed by you, a calendar with pictures of the grandkids, and other personalized gifts are priceless and are sure to bring a genuine smile to his face. 

Family photo shoot in Gilbert
Sister photo shoot in Gilbert
Child photographer in Gilbert


Celebrate a Favorite Memory

Do you and your Dad have a favorite memory that you love to reminisce about or a story that you love to tell? Consider how you can immortalize that memory. Framing a picture from the special moment, putting a special item on a plaque, or finding a special piece of memorabilia to commemorate that special memory can be the perfect way to make Dad feel celebrated on his special day. 

Something They Can’t Buy

Even for Dads that seem to have it all, there is nearly always something that they can’t buy or don’t know they want. For example, does your dad love a specific type of beer but can’t buy it in his town? Order or pick some up for him. Is your father a little challenged when it comes to choosing his own clothes or simply hates shopping? Buy him clothes that he needs. 

Newborn photographer in Gilbert
Professional photographer in Gilbert

An Experience

Another way to celebrate Dad is to give him the gift of an experience. Take him to a special museum exhibit, enjoy a brewery tour, attend a concert, or go on a multi-day backpacking trip together. Not only will you get to spend time with your dad but you are giving him memories that he will cherish long after the event is over. Be sure to take pictures!

Big sis lil sis photographer
Family photographer in Gilbert
Professional family photos Gilbert

A Meaningful Gift & An Experience: A Family Photo Shoot

This Father’s Day Jodi Lynn gave her husband Kevin the gift of a family photo shoot. Not only did he get to spend precious time with his family, but he was given pictures that he is sure to cherish forever. 

Photography by Jodi Lynn would like to offer you the same opportunity to create special memories with your family. It doesn’t just have to be with dad — include mom and the whole family in your photographs! Our photography packages make great Father’s Day gifts, but are perfect for any time when you want to celebrate Dad. 

To learn more about the packages available, our family photographer, and how we can customize your shoot and make it special for your dad, visit our website!

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It’s May once again and it is exciting to enjoy warmer temperatures here in Phoenix while getting ready for summer fun. Spring is a time of renewal, and an exciting time of growth and expectancy of new things to come. With all this in mind, we are excited to announce our current special!

The Simply Darling Package

We are now offering a twist to our Simply Darling Package — a new way to celebrate every stage of pregnancy. This pregnancy photography package includes 10 quick photo sessions that are scheduled throughout the course of your pregnancy when added to a regular newborn or maternity package or equal or greater value. We are excited to give expecting parents a way to capture this special time in their lives. And, we are excited to find another way to get to know our clients and support you as you are expecting.

The Beauty of Pregnancy: Why Celebrate Each Stage?

After recently giving birth to her second daughter, Jody Lynn is well aware of the realities and joys of creating new life and bringing a new member into your family: it is exciting to think about meeting your little angel, who they will be, and which parent they will look most like.

However, pregnancy can be hard, uncomfortable, overwhelming, and feel like a less-than-beautiful experience. By offering the Simply Darling Package, we hope that you are able to better enjoy each stage of pregnancy and to capture that beautiful glow that, even though you might not feel beautiful, you will be radiating during each stage of pregnancy. Here are three reasons why we think it’s important to celebrate your journey and invest in pregnancy photography.

To Embrace Your Changing Body

Seeing your body change or if you are experiencing some difficult health complications as a result of pregnancy, it can be easy to feel anxious or overwhelmed. It can also be frustrating if you feel like pregnancy looks “better” on other people. However, it is important to remember that this is your journey as you create new life and evolve into a mother. By embracing your body, and allowing the photographer to capture this moment, you can celebrate the process of shedding your old life and starting a new adventure.   

To Nurture Positive Thoughts Toward Pregnancy

No matter if you have been trying for a long time or you’re nurturing an “oops baby,” it’s easy to get caught up in worrying about all the things that could go wrong, as well as the discomforts of pregnancy. Reminding yourself of the beauty of the process and of the end goal — holding your baby in your arms for the first time — can help you better enjoy each stage of pregnancy and create positive thoughts to dwell on.  

To Reflect On the Experience

No matter what you’re doing in life, it is incredibly healthy to slow down and take a moment to reflect. However, it is even more crucial during such a profound time as pregnancy. As you reflect, you can journal out frustrations and worries as well as take a moment to check in with yourself and see how you’re feeling, not only to better understand and enjoy your journey of creating new life, but also to invest in the best self-care. Having a pregnancy photographer capture each stage of your pregnancy is one of the ultimate ways to reflect on the experience both now and years down the road.

If you are starting your journey toward motherhood, we are excited to help you celebrate bring new life into the world. Learn more about our Phoenix area photographer and book your Simply Darling Photo Package by visiting our website!

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Hello, and welcome back to our Photography by Jodi Lynn blog. Today we will be discussing some of the various ways to spin the “Milk Bath” photoshoot on its head! The days of cut-and-dry stock photo sessions are far behind us. In our studio, we encourage you to personalize each and every session. All of your pictures should reflect the personality of you and your family, and that is why we are so in love with this precious Strawberry Session; lovingly crafted to celebrate Baby S turning 8 months old!


The beauty of the “Milk-Bath” Session is in the details. The simplicity of the setup yields gorgeous, timeless photos with a fun and refreshing feel.  We love Maternity Milk baths, epically when accented by flowers and greenery, but with infant or baby milk-baths, it can be a fun twist to toss In a few strawberries, raspberries, or any other handheld fruit that matches the color scheme of your house or Nursery. There is no shortage of ways to add a personal touch to your milk-bath session!


After booking either over the phone, or through our secure online booking center, we will choose a date that works best for you and begin gathering supplies. Each session begins with a few photos in various outfits, on different backgrounds and with a few props in order to get your sweet baby used to being in front of the camera. Our talented photographers work with your baby to get genuine giggles through funny faces and silly noises. After a fun warm-up, we will fill one of our custom Milk-Bath Bowls and sprinkle in the hand-held fruit of your choice, the pictures we get from these sessions are ones that you will love forever, we know that we do! Keep the memory in a custom album or canvas print. We can’t wait for you to experience such an amazing time in your life through a creative photo session. Book with us online or give us a call at 480-495-5455 today and ensure a lifelong memory!

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Instead of the traditional backdrop, mommas-to-be and photographers are changing the theme of maternity photography. Maternity sessions are extremely powerful because it’s about the mother, the baby, and showing how powerful a woman’s body truly is.  At our studio we are dedicated to showing each and every woman that comes in how powerful, beautiful, and strong she truly is! Traci and Jodi Lynn are not only photographers but mothers and women who first hand understand that to love yourself, we need a little confidence boost every once and a while, especially while pregnant!


Milk bath sessions are so dreamy and have so much room for personalization! From the milky transparency in the tub, flowers, and outfits, these sessions are simply breathtaking. This gorgeous mama-to-be wanted to document her pregnancy in a more unique way and stumbled across milk-bath sessions and so we will now be offering our milk bath sessions in Gilbert, Arizona instead of at our studio in Scottsdale!  

This dreamy session has now been added to our list of favorite ways to capture pregnancy! After filling the tub with 2 gallons of whole milk, and some of the most beautiful flowers from Trader Joes we were filled with so much joy. Photography is such an art and being able to work with amazing women to create portraits that are unlike others, makes our hearts explode! Just look at this momma!


At Photography by Jodi Lynn, we are more than just photographers! We are women who love what we do and are so passionate about changing how women see themselves. You are powerful, strong, amazing and capable of so much more than you know and sometimes all you need is a little boost of confidence to remind yourself! Call us at 480-495-5455 or click here to book now and feel empowered!

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