Instead of the traditional backdrop, mommas-to-be and photographers are changing the theme of maternity photography. Maternity sessions are extremely powerful because it’s about the mother, the baby, and showing how powerful a woman’s body truly is.  At our studio we are dedicated to showing each and every woman that comes in how powerful, beautiful, and strong she truly is! Traci and Jodi Lynn are not only photographers but mothers and women who first hand understand that to love yourself, we need a little confidence boost every once and a while, especially while pregnant!


Milk bath sessions are so dreamy and have so much room for personalization! From the milky transparency in the tub, flowers, and outfits, these sessions are simply breathtaking. This gorgeous mama-to-be wanted to document her pregnancy in a more unique way and stumbled across milk-bath sessions and so we will now be offering our milk bath sessions in Gilbert, Arizona instead of at our studio in Scottsdale!  

This dreamy session has now been added to our list of favorite ways to capture pregnancy! After filling the tub with 2 gallons of whole milk, and some of the most beautiful flowers from Trader Joes we were filled with so much joy. Photography is such an art and being able to work with amazing women to create portraits that are unlike others, makes our hearts explode! Just look at this momma!


At Photography by Jodi Lynn, we are more than just photographers! We are women who love what we do and are so passionate about changing how women see themselves. You are powerful, strong, amazing and capable of so much more than you know and sometimes all you need is a little boost of confidence to remind yourself! Call us at 480-495-5455 or click here to book now and feel empowered!

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At Photography by Jodi Lynn, we LOVE being able to work with so many families.
Especially when they are embarking on their first adventure into parenthood. Our Scottsdale studio has
natural indoor lighting and is a perfect setting for your first-time portraits with your new bundle of joy.

Sylvia is one of our photographers here at our studio and we have been with her every step of
her pregnancy! Being able to capture her with her sweet baby girl has been so special to all
us at the studio. We have worked with Sylvia for quite some time, so watching her grow and
transition into being a mother has melted all our hearts.

“Becoming a mother is the greatest joy I have ever known, I have never loved someone so
much” -Sylvia


Between the natural light, peach and cream colors in contrast to our gray wood flooring, we
were so excited to show off this beautiful session. Baby S wore a cream-colored headband
from Baby Grace Hats. We love being able to color coordinate and really make the
colors pop with our backdrop options. We then transitioned Baby S into a deep blue wrap and
matching headband from The Ruffled Bloom to change the look to something out of a woodland
fairy tale.

Sessions like these last a lifetime! Not only are these portraits something you can hang on the
walls in your home, but they are pictures that can be cherished forever in your family.


Being able to take our passion and capture the moments that mean the most to others is an
indescribable feeling. We love getting creative especially with newborn portraits! Call us at 480- 495-5455 or click here to book now!



  1. Syl

    May 3rd, 2018 at 9:21 pm

    One of my favorite sessions! Thank you so much for the amazing images

  2. Jodi

    May 8th, 2018 at 11:53 am

    us too! She is absolutely Beautiful!

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Springtime is our favorite time of year for maternity sessions, as we love when the green grass starts to sprout, and the trees start blooming. Miss J was looking amazing in her black Sew Trendy gown that fit her baby bump so naturally. We also loved the addition of her fur baby which brought their whole new family portrait to life. At Photography by Jodi Lynn, we love the simplicity of our maternity sessions, mixed with some amazing intimate shots of you with your hubby. These are the memories you will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

Miss J works at Pearl Med Spa pampering woman all day, so in return we decided to give her some pampering before her session! We started off her day with our amazing hair and makeup artist, Courtney,to put her at ease and get relaxed before her beautiful session down in one of our favorite Scottsdale locations.



As mothers and photographers, Jodi Lynn and Traci understand how special pregnancy is to you  and your family. Being that we are mothers as well we love being able to work with you to capture the raw, real love, before seeing your adorable newborn. We specialize in creating lasting memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

We loved being able to capture the intimate moments her and her husband shared.
You can see the love they have for each other and just how excited they are to meet their baby girl in a few short weeks!


We would love to work with you to capture the love between your family awaiting the arrival of your new bundle of joy! Call us at 480-495- 5455 or click here to book now!









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This session is very special to all of us at Photography by Jodi Lynn, being the creator and founder of our company,
Jodi Lynn is not only an amazing photographer, but an amazing new momma. She LOVES family photography
and it is her new passion at the studio including maternity and newborn photography sessions.
It melts her heart being able to capture all the special moments not only in her life but the life of her amazing clients.


Since becoming a mother, Jodi Lynn, has learned patience and the true meaning of unconditional love.
“To be able to see the life you’ve created walking around, and to be able to influence that life and guide her has made me want to
capture every little moment and memory”. Her sweet 6-month- old was starting to sit up and decided it was time for a fun
family session in the desert.  We love taking advantage of Arizona’s beautiful desert landscapes, click the
following link to see more examples of our desert family photography.


Since her baby girl was finally starting to sit up we were ready for her next session so we met their
family out at one of our favorite local spots. Since she knew the desert hues would
look great as a gallery wall in her home.  Jodi coordinated her sweet family’s
outfits to pop against the warm desert tones. During this session, Adelynn, was
able to hold herself up and it was so amazing to be able to capture such a huge
milestone! We recommend doing your baby’s milestones at 4, 7, 9 and 12 months old.
Check out the image below of her wall canvases!


At Photography by Jodi Lynn and Co, we have a strong passion
for capturing milestones in your baby’s development and how special family is!
Schedule your next family outdoor session with us at 480-495- 5455 or click here to book now!


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At Photography by Jodi Lynn and Company, we have been capturing the memories of Arizona families since 2010 and are proud to provide our clients with high-quality products that will last not only one but many generations. We strive to create a memorable and pleasant experience for every client as we preserve their life’s most precious moments. The Phoenix metropolitan area is an amazing place to live as a photographer, we have access to so many sides of the cultural spectrum. One day, we may find ourselves photographing an engaged couple at the beautiful Salt River, the next a beautiful newborn session in our indoor Scottsdale studio, and yet again we could be photographing a senior photoshoot in the heart of Phoenix- urban, modern, and beautiful. We love that we can accommodate the taste and individuality of our clients for all stages of life.

Photography by Jodi Lynn Studio Tour

Our brand-new studio is located in North Scottsdale off of Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd and the 101-freeway. The beautiful space is a reflection of Jodi Lynn and Traci’s work and style with the soothing gray tones coupled with the stunning black and white accents. Our favorite aspect of the area is our family studio located just off of our lobby. It features two rustic inspired backdrops that are perfect for our “Bump to One” photo sessions. Jodi Lynn and Traci wanted the studio to have many of the creature comforts found in a home, including a changing table and a dressing room for our clients to stash the items they need to keep baby secure and happy. Our dressing room also provides the perfect space for clients to receive hair and makeup services prior to their photoshoot. This carefully thought out space is just the first step towards Jodi Lynn and Traci’s vision for the future of Photography by Jodi Lynn and Company.

We love that our Scottsdale studio is the perfect refuge for photography during the summer months. Photographing families, couples, and babies of all ages indoors. Our 2000-square foot natural light Scottsdale studio opened September of 2017 for sessions, consultations, and photo viewings. But more importantly, this is where our clients can come to touch, feel, and experience our carefully crafted product line. Our products have been created by using top-of-the-line labs that are the leaders of the printing industry. We want nothing but the best for every client that walks in our door! This means our experience ends with our clients holding something tangible in their hands, such as a book that will outlive them. Not files that will live only on a computer and likely die there as well. Quality work and quality experience from beginning to end.

See our beautiful new Scottsdale photography studio when you book your portrait session with Photography by Jodi Lynn and Company.  Just call us today at 480 495 5455 or click here to book your session!

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